Saturday, April 22, 2006

Apologies in the delay since our last post. Because of complaints to the governor by Rumsfeld House and Opus Dei regarding this organization’s activities, the college president has banned us from meeting on campus and, moreover, eliminated the Gender Studies program, which he called “a hotbed of relativism.”

Nearly everyone in the Free Winkie Committee had to change his/her major—though Ben, who was in Comp Lit, decided to switch anyway, in protest, to Home Ec. Since several members of the Gender Studies faculty were also transferred to that department (fortunately they are state employees and cannot be fired), the rest of us have followed.

Naturally we also had to rearrange our schedules. As the semester is nearly half over, the only course available was Fabric Crafts Intensive, which meets all day and all night, five days a week. So we have also been busy catching up—we assume this is what the authorities wanted. However, our midterm group project will be a 40-foot teddy bear with huge ears whose name we dare not speak on campus.

(Above right, the former bell hooks Gender Studies Center, now Tom DeLay Pavilion.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you need to become business majors if you really want to keep rummy and dick out of your hair. so to speak. i really wished they'd named it the exxonmobile student union.

when does winkie's manifesto go to press?

April 24, 2006  
Blogger Free Winkie Committee said...

bookfraud: the exxonmobile student union recently imploded into a sinkhole of bubblin' crude.

winkie's life story will apear in july.

April 25, 2006  

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