Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome to the official blog of the Free Winkie Committee, which will work toward a fair trial, fair press coverage—and, ultimately, total exoneration—for Winkie, the so-called Teddy Bear Terrorist, actually an innocent toy. Free Winkie!

The Committee’s first meeting, held last night in the Foucault Pavilion, began with members passing a binding resolution against all forms of social and political hierarchy. Hence, we have no president or any other officer holder, and no official spokesperson.

We are all leaders! We are all spokespeople!

We are also completely nonviolent, even if certain residents of Rumsfeld House might choose to voice their disagreement by drunkenly yelling “Kill Winkie!” in the upper quad and scrawling “Dykes” and “Fags” on all 17 windows of the Foucault Pavilion.

We refuse to condemn such acts, since condemnation is, itself, an inherently fascist act. Our next meeting will take place Wednesday night in the Lacan Building (above Uncanny Commons), Lower Level, State University College, Collegeville.

Free Winkie!


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